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How to use Pinterest for Business 2022

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Everything You Need to Know About Pinterest for Business

How to use Pinterest for Business
How to use Pinterest for Business 2022


Here is all the information you require concerning using Pinterest for business.


  • Users of Pinterest can create and share pins, create boards, and shop on this visual social media platform.
  • A larger pool of potential customers and brand exposure are two advantages of using Pinterest for business.
  • On Pinterest, you may either start from scratch when creating a business account or you can upgrade your personal account.
  • Small company owners and marketers who want to learn how to use Pinterest for their businesses should read this article.


You are losing out if you are not using Pinterest to sell your goods or services. It is a fantastic opportunity to reach clients because more than 87 percent of Pinterest users have purchased something as a result of using the website.

You need to know everything about using Pinterest for your business before you sign up and start pinning.


Basics of Pinterest:


On Pinterest,

Boards are virtual collections where users may exchange and keep material. The majority of the 175 million American users of Pinterest are women (81 percent ). A daily average of 2 million users save items to a chopping board.

Pinterest has categories for everything from art to technology, but despite the fact that you can discover just about anything there, it’s most known as a source for DIY projects, food, fashion, home decor, and health-related information.

It’s crucial to create a business account on Pinterest if you want to use it to market your small business. You may access tools that are geared toward sales, such as analytics, with an accessible business Pinterest account. You can either open a new account or convert your existing personal account to a business account.


Pinterest lingo:



Every piece of content published on Pinterest is a pin, or an idea to get you inspired. A pin links back to a website when you click on it.


Similar to QR codes, Pincodes are unique codes you may design to access the Pinterest curated boards and profile for your company. To get directly to your suggested boards, users simply type the code.


Users on Pinterest are known as this.


Boards are how you organize your pins; they function somewhat like digital bulletin boards or visual bookmarks.

Group boards:

A collaborative board that belongs to one user is a group board. Owners can add extra users to the board so they can participate. The owner of the group board must send you an invitation before you can request to join.

Archived boards:

A board that you no longer use but don’t want to delete can be archived. Your profile won’t display any archived boards, and you won’t see any more board-related suggestions. You can choose not to view bridal gowns after the big day, for instance.


This is a collection of pins from users you follow or things Pinterest thinks you’d be interested in, similar to a Facebook or Twitter feed.

Hashtags on Pinterest:

Similar to other social networking sites like Instagram, hashtags on Pinterest make it simple for other pinners to find your pins and pertinent information.


This function in the Pinterest app uses the camera on your smartphone to make recommendations for pins based on the photos you take. For instance, if you take a picture of an outfit, it will display other clothes that are comparable.


You can leave comments on other users’ pins.


You have the choice of saving, sending, or hiding a pin when you click on it. You pin it to one of your boards after saving it.

Sending pins:

In private messages, you can send pins to other members or users outside of Pinterest.


Using the @ sign, you can tag other people.


To other Pinterest users, you can send them private messages.


Key takeaway: You should comprehend words like “pins,” “boards,” “lens,” and “tagged” in order to use Pinterest.


Why Need to Use Pinterest for your Business?


Numerous possibilities exist for Pinterest to help your business. Here are a few examples:


Huge audience :

With over 235 million monthly users worldwide and the fourth-most used social media network in the United States, Pinterest can introduce millions of new clients to your company.


Visual method:

Pinterest is a fantastic platform for visual business promotion. It’s a smart idea to capitalize on this trend early because it’s the only social media platform that allows visual search at the moment.


Commercial enterprise:

Customers regularly use Pinterest to decide whether they want to purchase a product. The 2019 Pinterest Seasonal Insights survey found that 83% of users said they had purchased something as a result of seeing it on Pinterest.


Brand Awareness:

The majority of users claim to regularly find new companies and items through Pinterest, which might increase your exposure to new clients.


Key takeaway: Using Pinterest for business can help you reach a large audience and sway clients’ purchasing choices.


How to create a Pinterest profile:


The following are the three methods for opening a Pinterest account: A business account can be started from scratch, converted from a personal account, or added to an already-existing personal account as a business profile. Here are the detailed instructions for building a profile from scratch:


1. Go to

You must log out of any personal accounts you may already have. your email address and password. To further distinguish your accounts, it is a good idea to use a professional email in this situation. To create an account, click.

How to create Business in Pinterest


2. Select your area and language,

Then type the name of your company Choose the description that most accurately describes your company, then include a link to your website.

How to create Business in Pinterest

3. Integrate all of your social media platforms:

If your company has profiles on other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Etsy, or YouTube, you may link those accounts to Pinterest so that pins from those sites will be associated with your company and you can monitor the metrics.


4. Decide whether you want to run ads on Pinterest:

You may always change your mind later. If you’d want a Pinterest advertisements representative to get in touch with you, you can also give your contact information.


5. Edit your profile:

On your Pinterest profile, add a profile photo, choose a unique username, and describe your company briefly. Include some keywords in your about section and make sure your profile image is 150 x 165 pixels in size.

How to create Business in Pinterest


6. Claim the analytics data from your website:

Click “claim” in the menu on the left. This will enable you to monitor the analytics for your website as well as the analytics for any pin that refers to one of your claimed accounts.

How to create Business in Pinterest


7. Start to create and pin:

After setting up your account, you can begin making boards and adding pins.


How to add pins, make boards, and follow other users:


Click the Create Board button, which is available from your profile or when you save a pin, to begin going. You have a few options for uploading pins once you have made a few boards. To add a pin, first go to the board you wish to do so and select “Add a pin.” Then, build a pin by adhering to the instructions. The + button, which is next to the search bar, can also be used to access the Add a Pin button at the top of your feed. You can download an extension for the Chrome browser that enables you to pin directly from the website you’re viewing.

You may now find ideas using your phone’s camera on the Pinterest mobile app. Simply open the app and position the camera in the direction of whatever interests you. If you ask the app to suggest similar items to pin, it will do so. Currently, according to the business, this function works best for apparel, food, and home décor suggestions.

How to create Business in Pinterest


The major lesson is that there are seven steps involved in opening a Pinterest account. Either start from scratch or convert your personal account to a business account.



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